Adrian's Tomcat 100"

Suzuki or Daihatsu Jeep

As a first project to practice my skills, I could buy a small Daihatsu or Suzuki jeep that has failed its MoT. It would be very cheaper. I could then play in the mud until the jeep finally dies. I could go even further and do up a Suzuki in decent condition to make it perform better off road, or even make a Suzuki based buggy. I could even build a Suzuki based kit car like the Blitz.

Budget Off Roader – Suzuki Jeep

I could find an MoT failure (or one that would fail) and use it off road until it completely dies. I would not need to worry about superfluous items like lights, windows, body work etc.

Suzuki Jeep

Suzuki Based Off-Roader

I could find a Suzuki in better condition and do it up a bit so that it performs better in the mud. However is it actually worth spending time and money working on a small, unstable vehicle with a small engine?

Suzuki based off roader

Suzuki Based Buggy

I could get rid of the original Suzuki bodywork and make my own to leave me with Suzuki based buggy.

Suzuki based off road buggy

Blitz and Traka

If I didn’t want to tackle the building of the tomcat as a first project, I could buy a different ‘kit’ that would fit onto a smaller vehicle like a Suzuki jeep. An example of this is a Blitz. The same company produce the Traka which uses a Range Rover as the donor vehicle.

Red off road buggy

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