Adrian's Tomcat 100"

Suzuki Based Off-Roader

This one isn't as radical as the Blitz or the Suzuki based buggy, but it has a different engine, roll cage and other improvements that make it perform better in the mud. More importantly it has the radiator in the back, which is an option with the Tomcat.

Rear and side Radiator Radiator Modified front
Mud splash Stuck Recovery Free
Mud inside Ford engine Ford engine Ford engine

This Suzuki was towed to the site (behind a Daihatsu) using an A-frame. It was really being used as a trailer as it also carried the spare wheels and mud tyres for the tow vehicle so that it also could have a drive in the mud.

Suzuki based trailer Front protection and recovery point Vacuum cleaner hose snorkel Repositioned fuel tank and exhaust

Note the external roll cage, racing harnesses, repositioned fuel tank, repositioned exhaust, new rear bumper with recovery point, revised front bumper, snorkel (vacuum cleaner hose?) and ‘doors’ that are very similar to a Tomcat.

No glass or doors High level rear lights Cold engine at start of the day New rear bumper and recovery point

This Suzuki has been modified with less vulnerable lights, bigger wheels and tyres, underbody protection etc and it is still road legal. It doesn’t however mean it doesn’t get stuck.

Using the torque from the engine Modified Suzuki jeep Underbody protection Awaiting recovery

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