Adrian's Tomcat 100"

Budget Off Roader Suzuki Jeep

As a first project to practice my skills, I will probably forget about building a small buggy with no suspension and a small engine (see Update 2). I could buy a small Daihatsu or Suzuki jeep that has failed its MoT. It would be cheaper and have suspension. It would however still only have a small engine!

Front and side Side Rear and side Rear and side
Side Side Replacement wheel arch Rotten sill

Some people spend more to buy a road legal vehicle, then spend even more to keep them road legal. That is why the Suzukis below have a trailer light board attached to the back of the cab.

Front and side Side Rear and side Rear and side
Front and side Front and side Side Rear and side

I would of course need an A-frame ...

Attached to axle Attached to tow vehicle Attached to tow vehicle Attached to tow vehicle

... or even better, a trailer ...

On trailer Getting off trailer Nice tow vehicle Nice tow vehicle

... and a suitable tow vehicle (or fit a tow bar to my existing Landrover).

I could not drive the Daihatsu or Suzuki jeep "as is" as I would do some simple work like remove the trim, carpets, widows and lights. I would also do more work to make it into a better off roader and use the project as an opportunity to convert an existing off road vehicle before building one (nearly) from scratch.

I could;

  • Jack it up.
  • Re-profile the front and back to improve the approach and departure angles.
  • Add recovery points and tow hitch.
  • Make a back for the cab.
  • Build a snorkel using a drinking straw as the small engine does not need much air.
Front and side Side Rear and side Rear
Front and side Side Rear and side Rear and side
Front Side Front and side In the mud

I would not go as far as wasting money on a winch as these little jeeps are so light they can easily be towed out, or with a few friends, just lifted clear of the obstacle.

Easy to lift clear Saving on fuel Ready to be torched Not a Landrover Recovery Vehicle

I would not buy a bull bar. If I thought I needed one, I would weld up my own.

Nice windscreen washer jets Bullbar Bullbar and winch Bullbar

Welding the doors closed may be stronger than using rope.

Going down Out the other side Rear and side Blank spacer

I would get some aggressive mud tyres without worrying about their performance on the road. I would add some bits to make it safer like buckets seats and proper harnesses. They could be transferred to the Tomcat or another jeep if I break the first one. I would also need a blonde bird for the passenger seat.

I would also practise my welding by building a roll cage to protect me when the inevitable happens and the jeep rolls over!

Front and side Side Rear and side Rear
About to go Rolled Rolled Rolled
Putting it back Results of a roll Results of a roll Results of a roll

This pickup bed was added after the original body had been bent when the vehicle rolled. (Unfortunately these pictures were taken a while ago with a previous camera and therefore are not as good or big as the other pictures.)

Front and side Side Rear Rear and side

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