Adrian's Tomcat 100"

Blitz and Traka


The Blitz is similar to the Tomcat but uses a complete Suzuki SJ jeep as the donor vehicle. Since the Blitz uses the entire chassis and transmission from the same Suzuki SJ it is exempt (like the Tomcat) from the Single Vehicle Approval (SVA) test.

Front and side of Blitz Blitz off road buggy Suzuki SJ based Blitz Suzuki with new body

Whereas the Tomcat uses power (and maybe axle articulation) to perform off-road, with only a small engine, the Blitz relies on its light weight and short wheelbase to clear and obstacle. After a few attempts (in both directions), the Blitz was the first (and maybe only) vehicle to get through this mud hole with out being towed the final bit. However it was no good at recovering anybody else from the mud. This was left to the Land Rovers!

Suzuki Blitz in mud hole Suzuki engine not big enough Suzuki buggy stuck in mud hole Range Rover recovery truck
Using light weight and momentum from other direction Wheels spinning in mud hole Blitz exiting mud hole No weather or mud protection fitted

The Blitz photographed here was actually the Blitz Midland demonstrator, but it appears that company has now gone. I beleive they are however available from

Blitz 4x4 Front of Blitz Rear including recovery point Tide line
Original dash board Suzuki controls Cut out switch Harness mounting eye
Door hinges For wet weather protection gear Fuel filler hose Rear recovery point
Snorkel Original Suzuki SJ chassis Fuel filler Rear lights


Blitz Midland used to produce a version called the Traka based on a Range Rover chassis. It is a bigger donor vehicle than the Suzuki SJ jeep so it can easily seat 4 people. Unlike the Tomcat, the Range Rover bulkhead, dashboard and associated ancillaries stay in place.

The Traka has a nice fold forward bonnet, but I think the Tomcat looks better as it looks more like an aggressive Landrover.


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