Adrian's Tomcat 100"

Suzuki Based Buggy

In the same way as you can make your own buggy based on a Landrover product, you can build a mud plugger using the chassis from a different off road vehicle like a Suzuki. Building your own 4x4 buggy should give you better off-road performance than the donor vehicle and no expensive, venerable body panels to damage. It may even be safer if it has a roll cage etc. This Suzuki based buggy did have a number of Land Rover parts including lights, wing mirrors and mud flaps. The buggy may be road legal, but it did arrive on a trailer.

Suzuki based off road buggy Side Rear and side Rear axle
Front Rear Details Details
Controls Controls Side bar Front axle

Suzuki Based Buggy In Action

The buggy performed well on the dry ground and in the mud pits, but this was also down to the skill of the drivers.

In action In action In action In action

Monster Suzuki Based Buggy

This is a fairly heavily modified monster Suzuki with most of the original parts changed. Like the Tomcat, it has a space frame integral roll cage. It is also painted a good colour as yellow ones go quicker. It did perform will off road in the mud.

Front of Monster Suzuki based buggy Front and side Side of heavily modified Suzuki Rear and side
Front and side Side of monster off road buggy Rear and side Rear of Suzuki with monster mud tyres

Here are some more close up photos of the Suzuki so you can get some ideas of how it was put together.

Engine Winch Rear axle Exhaust
Hi Lift jack Battery Shock absorber Fuel tank
Interior Interior Extra large wing nut Harness mount

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