Adrian's Tomcat 100"

4 Door Range Rover Classic

As 2 door Range Rovers like mine get older, they carry on rusting away and getting broken. This can make them more suitable for conversion for use off the road if they cannot be kept up to scratch for use on the road.

However, now the newer 4 door Range rovers, which have some development that the older 2 door ones did not, are becoming cheaper enough second hand to make into off road play things. The body work can also be reshaped, or cut off, to make even better off roaders.

Standard 4 Door Range Rover Classic

A standard Range Rover classic can make a good off roader, but their body work can be a bit vulnerable. It is worth adding a few bolt on bits like a steering guard or a snorkel. For more details click on the thumbnail.

Playing in the mud

4 Door Range Rover Pickup

Like with a 2 door Range Rover, you can cut the back off a 4 door Range Rover to make a 4 door Range Rover pickup. For more details click on the thumbnail.

Range Rover with new profile

4 Door Bobtail Range Rover

To make a really good off roader from a 4 door Range Rover Classic, I would have to make more modifications, including dealing with the rear overhang.

4 Door Bobtail Range Rover

4 Door Bobtail Range Rover Pickup

You can also cut off the rear body as well as the rear overhang to make a four door bobtail Range Rover pickup.

4 Door Bobtail Range Rover pickup

4 Door Range Rover Competition Motor

Probably a bit beyond me as a first project, but I could use a four door Range Rover as a base vehicle for a competition motor. Amongst other modifications, the rear body has been replaced with a much shorter pick up bed to hold recovery gear. The rear overhang is therefore minimal.

4 Door Range Rover competition motor

4 Door Trayback Range Rover

Body work is not really needed off road except to protect the driver. Therefore the rear bodywork and wheel arches can be removed and replaced with a tray to hold the winch and recovery gear. This is what has been done to these Range Rovers to make them into trayback winch challenge vehicles.

Orange 4 Door Trayback Range Rover

Further Reading

I donít copy other peoplesí (copyright) material, so if you would like to know more, take a look at;

Sliced and Diced Four Door Range Rover Pick up, Land Rover Owner Magazine, Spring 2006 page 98


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