Adrian's Tomcat 100"

4 Door Bobtail Range Rover

To make a really good off roader from a 4 door Range Rover Classic, I would have to make more modifications, including dealing with the rear overhang and some of the other vulnerable bits.

Before and After

You can also make a bobtail using a four door Range Rover as your donor vehicle. It will have smaller doors and will generally be newer, but probably won't look as good as one made from a two door Range Rover.

You can clearly see the join in the roof where the Range Rover below has been shortened. At the same time the original, vulnerable (and expensive) rear, side and indicator lights have been replaced with cheaper alternatives on a custom made chequer plate stripe that wraps around at the front and back. Chequerplate has also been used to make ‘solid’ mud flaps behind the rear wheels.

New shortened profile Muddy Range Rover Home made snorkel New front lights

The Range Rover now has a home made snorkel and wing mirrors from a Land Rover Defender (which are bigger). The extra lights are bolted directly to the roof without the use of a bar or roof rack etc.

Chequerplate mud flaps New rear lights Chequer plate stripe Original interior

Below are various other bobtailed four door Range Rovers. Some have had their original lights replaced as they get smashed easily as they are at the corners of the mud plugger. Some have also had their fuel filler repositioned to the rear pillar. They may have had there fuel tanks brought inboard (eg. put in the back) instead of between / below the chassis rails.

Front Front and side Side Rear
Rear and side Side Front and side Front and side
Front and side Front and side Side Rear and side
Front and side Front and side Side Rear and side
Side Rear and side Front Bonnet vents
Bonnet Reinforcement Spare wheel holder Spare wheel holder Fuel filler

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