Adrian's Tomcat 100"

Standard 4 Door Range Rover Classic

Instead of using my dead 2 door Range Rover as a donor vehicle, I could just buy a decent, newer, 4 door Range Rover Classic.

A standard four door Range Rover Classic can perform well off road. However the panels can be vulnerable to damage and can be expensive to replace.

Front and side Front and side Side Rear and side

I might however want to make some modifications to the Range Rover to make it perform better, or at least be safer.

Modified 4 door Range Rover Side Roof Rear and side
Front and side Front and side Replacement rear light Replacement tailgate catch

More details and pictures of Robinís modified 4 door Range Rover (shown above) can be found at She Loves It (

Front and side Front and side Front and side Rear and side
Front Top Front and side Rear and side
Front and side Side Side Rear and side

If I didn't have the need for a road legal car and only wanted to have fun off-road, I could just buy a good trailer. This would be used to transport the Range Rover to the off road site(s). I could strip it down or just remove bits as they break. This four door Range Rover didn't have much glass left but did have very noisy power steering and a dodgy gearbox. The grill has been modified and the fuel tank has been moved to inside the back. Looked like cheap and easy fun.

Arriving on trailer Interior Modified grills Repositioned fuel tank
Side Hill descent from behind Front and side Stuck

A few weeks later with the final pieces of glass gone and after the roof had been straightened with a forklift. However it was still going.

Bonnet and wing Side Rear Rear and side

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