Adrian's Tomcat 100"

4 Door Range Rover Bobtail Pickup

You can also cut off the rear body as well as the rear overhang to make a four door bobtail Range Rover pickup. The half doors look a bit silly and the cab is a bit smaller because the front doors on a four door Range Rover are smaller than on the older (and better looking) two door Range Rovers.

Front Front and side Front and side Rear and side
Rear Rear and side Side Front and side

Here is another 4 door Range Rover that has been bobtailed and cut down to produce a pickup truck. Note how an aluminium beer barrel has been used as a strong replacement fuel tank. This Range Rover may no longer be road legal as it arrived on a truck. However the owner may have planned ahead just in case the motor broke when off road. It also meant that the minimum of mud was dropped on the road on the way home.

Four door Bobtail Range Rover 4 door bob tail Range Rover 4 dr bobtailed Range Rover Muddy hill climb
Range Rover with new profile Cut down rear end Beer barrel as fuel tank Sensible transport home

Here is yet another Range Rover that now only has 2 doors, but started with 4, before it was shorted to improve the rear overhang and a cab fabricated to leave the bobtail pickup it is today. The original (lower) tailgate has been discarded and replaced with a chequerplate item (that will not rust so easily). This off-roader is equipped with a winch at both ends. The rear winch is mounted below the new floor.

Axle articulation Range Rover recovery vehicle Gentle hill climb New side profile
Rear winch Chequerplate tailgate Crossing deep ruts Flat back
Engine bay with V8 engine Twin carbs K&N air filter Additional alternator

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