Adrian's Tomcat 100"

4 Door Trayback Range Rover

These two off roaders started off as four door Range Rovers. However now they have been converted into trayback Range Rovers so that they can compete in winch challenges. Only a minimum of the easily damaged body work remains with the rear body panels being replaced with a tray made of sheet metal on a tubular steel frame.

Mounted on the tray at the back or the external roll cage is the necessary waffles, recovery gear, spare wheel and rear winch easily to hand. The external roll cage also forms the outline of the wheel arches. The protection is supplemented by substantial rock sliders and skid plates / steering guards.

This 4 door tray back Range Rover is driven by Peter Jackson with Richard Norris as co-driver. Richard did all the running about with the winch cable, tree strop, ground anchor etc.

Front protection Four door trayback Range Rover Cut down side profile Extreme suspension
Bungees on bonnet to hold rope Not cross axled Full external roll cage Prevented from slipping sideways
Trayback Tray back Recovery gear Red top battery for rear winch

This 4 Dr trayback Rang Rover was driven by Nick Walker with Les Brocklehurst as the co-driver.

Waffle to reduce drop Changed side profile Rear winch in action Axle articulation
Ground anchor 4 dr tray back Range Rover Where next Waffles stowed

For more details of the winch challenge event they were competing in, the AWDC Scorpion Racing Challenge Trophy, at the Scorpion Racing web site.


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