Adrian's Tomcat 100"

More Bowler Wildcat Photos

Here are some Bowler Wildcats I photographed at the Rally Action Day at Castle Combe. They got to do a few laps of honour like the other rally cars, but to demonstrate some of their real ability, and to recreate the route to Dakar, they got to do their laps on the infield. This kicked up a lot of dust which mixed in with the smoke from the diesel engines.

Group photo Side Rear and side Interior
Side Rear and side Side Interior
Front and side, pulling onto track Front and side, pulling onto track Front and side, pulling onto track Waiting to go
Front and side Side Front and side Side

They were also offering (expensive) rides in a Bowler Wildcat around the circuit. This off-road rally car was holding its own on a proper (tarmac) race circuit against the other rally cars which are optimised for use on roads. I believed it is powered by a 5 litre Rover V8 engine (it did not belch lots of black smoke like the oil burners). It also has an enclosed back.

Side, waiting in pits Rear and side, leaving pits Side, on track Rear and side

I also got some pictures from all angles of the Wildcats parked in the paddock.

Front and side Front Front and side Rear and side

I believe the Bowler Wildcat below is driven by Nick Tidboald in the Hill Rally Championship.

Front and side Front and side Front Front and side
Front and side Rear and side Rear Mud flap detail
Rear detail Bonnet up Engine bay Bonnet up

More details about Go Raid and there support for Bowler Wildcats competing as part of the Bowler-Spirit Off-Road racing team in events such as the Dakar Rally can be found at the Go Raid web site (

These are not the only Bowler Wildcats I have photographed. There is another Bowler Wildcat and another Bowler Wildcat at the Castle Combe circuit.


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