Adrian's Tomcat 100"

Bowler Wildcat 200

Here is a Bowler Wildcat 200. Like the Bowler Tomcat, it was designed by Drew Bowler, but the Wildcat is also built by Drew. The Wildcat uses a purpose built space frame chassis and roll cage instead of a space frame roll cage welded to a Range Rover chassis. Both off-roaders are then covered in bodies made of GRP and aluminium panels. The Wildcat uses many Landrover parts (Defender and Discovery) such as engine, transmission, dashboard, wing mirrors etc.

Bowler Wildcat 200 Front and side of Bowler Wildcat 200 Wildcat off road racer Rear lights
Bonnet and rear end up Bonnet and rear end up Bonnet and rear end up Bonnet up
Space frame chassis Designed by Drew Bowler GRP and aluminium panels Protected cables and wires
Front underbody protection Oil coolers External damper reservoirs Engine bay
Interior of Bowler Wildcat 200 Wildcat controls Door Rear axle
Rear space frame Spare wheel mount Screen wash Shock absorber
Landrover wing mirror Supported by Landrover Side protection Paddy on the phone

Many more details and photos of Bowler Wildcats can be found at the official Bowler Off-Road Ltd web site ( This is Drew Bowler’s company and it is Drew who originally designed the Tomcat. I would certainly recommend looking at this site. You can even download a free paper model of a Wildcat to make yourself.

I have taken photos of another Bowler Wildcat.


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