Adrian's Tomcat 100"

Bobtail Range Rover Pickup

I could cut even more of the back off including the rear bit of the chassis and produce a Bobtail Range Rover pickup. Cutting the rear of the chassis off improves their departure angle (see Bobtail / Bob Tail Range Rover). It is known as a Bobtail Range Rover as it has been bobtailed. Checker plate has also been used on at least one of the pickups.

The first bobtail Range Rover pick up below had only been bought by its new owner a few days before he took it out for the first time. It arrived (and left) on a trailer, which was a good thing as it had some reliability problems. Look at the photograph to the right (click on it for a bigger picture) and see if you can see why the Rover V8 engine was not performing very well. This was fixed so the owner could have fun in the mud.

Engine bay
Front and side Front Front and side Side
Rear and side Rear Rear and side Side
Back of cab, roof Back of cab, bottom Corner details Join in roof
Cut off chassis Fuel tank and pickup bed Roll cage mount Roll cage mount

The engine was sorted and the Range Rover received a new paint job (with a roller). It now runs better after some help starting (flat / dead battery). It however has now lost some of its lights.

Engine bay Engine bay Jump start Front and side

Yellow ones go faster.

Front and side Front and side Side Side
Rear and side Rear and side Front and side WD40 to disperse the water

It may look like the bobtail Range Rover pickup below has a fuel tank that is way too small to supply a V8 engine, but there are another two under the front seats.

Front Side Rear, in mud Stuck, go for it Dave
Small auxiliary fuel tank Rear and side Rear and side Front and side
Front and side Side Rear and side Front and side
Rear Shortened chassis Back of cab Down the hill
Side Underside of bonnet Front and side Front and side
Front and side Side Rear and side Rear and side

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