Adrian's Tomcat 100"

Bobtail / Bob Tail Range Rover

I could cut part of the back end off my Range Rover and produce a Bobtail (or Bob Tail) Range Rover. This will increase the departure angle as demonstrated in the photo.

Bobtail Range Rover
Daves Discovery

The standard Range Rover that followed this bobtailed Range Rover clunked as something hit the rocks. However the exhaust gases that were the result of the engine working hard, and having just completed a river crossing, obscured the photo, so here is Dave's Discovery hitting the rock instead.

Note the good use of chequer plate in the bob tail Range Rovers below.

Bobtail Range Rover Side Rear and side Rear
Rear and side Side Front and side Front
Green bobtail Range Rover Front and side Side Rear and side

Please excuse these slightly older and smaller pictures of more bobtailed Range Rovers. They can still however by used to get some ideas of how to cut the back end off a Range Rover to produce a more capable off roader. Each one is slightly different depending on what the builder wanted.

Shortened Range Rover Front Side Rear and side
Rear and side Front bumper Front Front and side
Rear overhange removed Rear and side Rear and side Rear detail
Better departure angle Front and side Rear Front and side

I would certainly recommend Safari Engineering from Eversley, Hants.

Rear and side Side Side Blank

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