Adrian's Tomcat 100"

Volkswagen Beetle based Off Road Buggy

This off road buggy is very similar to a sandrail in that it uses parts from a Volkswagen Beetle, but it looks like it has been designed for use off-road in this country, in the mud.

Volkswagen Beetle based off road buggy Front and side Cockpit Back end from side

I have seen the Volkswagen based buggy again, this time in the mud and managed to get some better photos. The VW off road buggy has a new registration and a new owner, but as always, it only has two wheel drive which means it is not as good in the mud as a vehicle equipped with four wheel drive. It also hasnít got any rear recovery points for when it does get stuck as the engine gets in the way. It did however attract a lot of attention from the Landrover (and Suzuki) owners.

Volkswagen Beetle based off road buggy Front Front and side Rear and side
Cockpit Steering Engine Being recovered

Note: It is not a good idea to hold onto an external roll cage or space frame as your hand will be crushed if you are unlucky enough to roll over.


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