Adrian's Tomcat 100"

Roger the Racer

I first saw this off road racer out of its natural environment at an off-road show. It is Roger the Racer with Team Apricot driven by Dominic from Apricot Motors Ltd.

Roger the Racer Front and side Rear and side Interior

I have now seen this off-road buggy in action. However it will need some work before it is used again. Good thing the 4x4 Landrover St. John Ambulance was there to assist.

Roger the Racer Front and side Rear and side Side
Radiator air intake Cockpit with controls Front and side Side
Words with Organiser After the roll Being recovered Damaged

I have seen Roger the Racer again. It had been repaired but was having engine problems so went home early before I got any action shots.

Bonnet removed to gain access Gear lever Dashboard Roger the Racer leaving

Roger lives on having been repaired!

Roger the Racer leaving

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