Adrian's Tomcat 100"

Range Rover Pick Up

I could cut a bit more of the back off and produce a Range Rover pick up. The first few vehicles are made from 2 door Range Rovers.

This would make a good first project as cutting the back off a Range Rover to make a pick up does not involve cutting or shortening the chassis. Thought has to go into how to make the back of the cab and how the roof will be shortened. One way is just to cut the roof across at the back of the cab. Another is to take a bit from the rear of the roof and join it to a bit of the front of the roof. This means you get a 'gutter' all the way around, but it may be hard to seal the join between the 2 sections.

Red Range Rover pick up Front Front and side Side
Rear and side Rear Rear and side Side

This Range Rover pick up uses the original tailgate as a window in the back of the cab. This looks good. It also has the additional lights on the external roll cage in the pick up bed, which seems to be a common idea.

Black Range Rover pickup Side Front and side Front
Back Back Back Back
Rear and side Front and side Front and side Side
Front and side Blank Blank Blank

I believe this Range Rover pick up was made from a four door Range Rover. The roll bar is for appearance not protection. The fact there is a kink in the vertical bars so that they bend over the cab means that in an accident there is a strong risk that it will fold, crushing the cab and not protecting the occupants. The roof was removed for the trip home (?)! Note that the back of the cab on this Range Rover pick up is open. This is easier to make but not as secure, waterproof or warm in winter.

Front and side Side Side Rear and side
Rear Rear and side, in the mud Front and side, in the mud Rear and side

I could build a recovery vehicle. I really like tow trucks, but they are not very practical for people who have an office job!

Range Rover recovery vehicle Range Rover tow truck Rear and side Front

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