Adrian's Tomcat 100"

Off Roader

I could build an off roader with simple body work to keep the mud out. It could be an off road buggy with only one seat, or more of a trials motor with two seats. However these types of vehicle are only meant to be used off road and are not road legal.

Stuck in a mud hole Off roader Wearing helmets for protection Start of hill descent
Front and side of off road buggy Side of off road buggy Another hill descent Back of off roader

This off roader uses a Range Rover chassis and V8 petrol engine, but it has Jeep renegade axles and Volvo suspension. I did not recognise what the power steering was off, but it was not from the Range Rover. It performed well enough when it was moving, it however did have a dodgy clutch / gearbox and at one point it overheated after one of the belts came off.

Overheating engine Rover V8 petrol engine Jeep Renegade axles Harness mount
Steering wheel Front bulkhead Transmission tunnel Door catch

This very nice four wheel drive buggy has 2 seats. Comp Safari motor? Long Ranger is actually the name of the extended (156") Range Rover Hi-Capacity pickup that towed the trailer the buggy arrived on.

Off road buggy arriving on trailer Arriving on trailer Side Rear and side
Front Engine bay, from side Engine bay, from front Engine bay, from side
Exhaust Cockpit with controls Cockpit with controls 3.9 litres
Recovery point Remote axle breather Front protection Jack mount
Fast hill climb! Side Front and side Front
Front Rear About to go down Muddy day

These have two seats and I believe are used for trials.

Side Front and side Front and side Side

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