Adrian's Tomcat 100"

Monster Trucks at Weston Super Mare Beach Race

Maybe I am keeping the wrong bit of my donor vehicle. I could keep the body and build a new chassis with massive wheels and create a monster truck like the ones I saw (and photographed) racing at the Weston Beach Race. However I like the mechanical parts of my Range Rover and don't want to restore the steel bodywork, so building a monster truck is not an option. Please excuse the quality of some of the photographs as, like normal, it was raining at Weston super Mare!

Lil' Devil

The monster truck called Lil' Devil is driven by Ian Bately and has a Chevrolet body.

Lots of air Front and side, racing Rear and side, racing Side
Front Rear Engine and front suspension Rear suspension


The Hulk monster truck is driven by Drew Thornton and has a Toyota Hi-Lux body.

Getting some air Rear and side, racing Side, racing Front and side
Front suspension Rear driveline Suspension linkages Rear


Rob Williams is the driver of the Red Dragon monster truck.

Side Car crushing Car crushing Side
Rear Front suspension See through footwells Rear driveline

Bigfoot 17

The Bigfoot 17 monster truck is based on a Ford F150 body and is driven by Nigel Morris.

Front and side Rear and side Side Landing
Lots of air Front Driveline Radiator


Karl Swallow drives the Slingshot monster truck which has a body from a Chevrolet Silverado.

Front and side Rear Rear and side, in air Rear and side
Front and side Front Rear and side Suspension
Footwells Suspension linkages Engine Engine

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