Adrian's Tomcat 100"

Modified 2 Door Range Rover

After I have rebuilt the 2 door Range Rover, I could go on to modify it a bit (or a lot) so that it better meets my needs and performs even better off road. This could mean it is more capable and can go further before I get stuck, or it could just mean it is a safer vehicle to drive or just more comfortable (with a stereo etc).

Modified 2 door Range Rover Side Side Side
Modified two door Range Rover Front and side Side Rear and side
Modified 2 dr Range Rover Side Rear and side Rear
Front with Vicki Side Side Rear
Rear and side Side Front and side winching Winching in the mud
Front and side Side Side Side

This 2 door Range Rover has a novel method to prevent the vehicle being crushed if it were to roll. However I don't know if 2 Acroprops are a good alternative to a proper roll cage.

Front Front and side Side Rear and side
Rear Rear and side Side Acroprops

If I didn't have the need for a road legal car and only wanted to have fun off-road, I could just buy a good trailer. This would be used to transport the Range Rover to the off road site(s). I could strip it down or just remove bits as they break. This two door Range Rover doesn't look road legal. It has been modified so that it performs better in the mud. It has a redesigned front bumper with steering guard, rear bumper and grill protecting the additional lights. It has stronger bonnet catches, bonnet vents, a snorkel for wading, an interior grab handle and a shortened exhaust system exiting in front of the rear wheel. It also has protection for the bottom edge of the body.

Front and side Front Front and side Rear and side
Exhaust Grab handle Body protection Rear bumper

When I saw this Range Rover again it arrived on a trailer and it definitely was not road legal! It has now lost all its windows and glass except the windscreen. The vulnerable rear lights have also gone, probably smashed. The tops of the doors have been removed. The Rostyle wheels have been replaced with others shod with BF Goodridge Mud Terrains which are much better than the old ones. It also now has a jerry can for a fuel tank. For some reason it also had two batteries in a special rack at the back, but with only one connected. A guess would be that the alternator has packed up (lots of muddy water) and the second battery is a spare? It still performed well in the mud!

Arriving on trailer Front, with door open Front and side Rear and side
Fuel tank Interior Batteries Exhaust

You only need two doors as this Range Rover shows. The sand ladders prevent the rear doors being opened. I cannot remember whether this off roader arrived by trailer or not. The replacement rear lights on the trailer board may be an attempt to keep it road legal. The sand ladder racks are not the only modifications. It also has a steering guard, a winch, replacement bonnet catches, additional lights above the windscreen, some chequer plate and a spade by the windscreen pillar. It also looks like the profile of the roof has been changed, but that was probably not on purpose.

Front and side Side Rear Rear and side

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