Adrian's Tomcat 100"

Mark's 93" Tomcat

As described by Mark; "The Tomcat although not originally built for myself was predominantly done by Tomcat Motorsport, so is basically a factory build. It is based on a 300 TDI 90 with the longits from a 90 chassis making up the donor chassis components. The engine is std 300 with up rated intercooler and turbo pressure tweaks. It has an up rated power steering box making it very light to drive even climbing out of heavy ruts. R380 box."

"The axles are standard except the swivels are castor corrected in front with std panhard rods and castor corrected trailing arms in the rear. It has Maxidrive locking diffs front and rear. Tyres are stated at 35 but sit nearer 37 Fedima sirocco on Mach 5 rims with a 5.5 offset, giving it as wide a track as possible without running spacers. Something that as an automotive design engineer I am not anti due to CV loading, purely due to laziness over number of bolts to undo."

"The Tomcat cage is fitted with tree bars top and bottom to try and reduce body damage, it has sufficient wattage on the front to turn nigh to day at the flick of a switch. The usual underbody protection. Warn 8274 running 16mm Plasma up front Ryders XR9 in rear running 12mm plasma. On the back I have waffle boards and HiLift, twin optima batteries and split charge, the tank, and with the normal Tomcat set up a raised radiator."

"Hand brake is one of the superb items by X Eng and whilst only fitted recently has impressed me beyond belief. X Eng will also be trialing some new ideas on it later in the year, which should I think make it unstoppable, the vehicle that is, it can still be let down by driver courage."

"The cab has a terratrip, full front and rear winch controls with safety lock outs, Maxidrive controls, and full autocom intercom, supplied by the previous owner who is Mr autocom, but is otherwise reasonably standard. Unlike the racing guys the engine does not intrude into the cab so it is comparatively spacious."

Here are some pictures supplied by Mark of his Tomcat in action. Very impressive.

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