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Light Strike Vehicle (LSV)

This military buggy is the Light Strike Vehicle (LSV) used by the British Army. It is an off road vehicle based on a steel space frame covered in a mixture of fibre glass (glass reinforced plastic) and aluminium chequer plate panels. It has torsion bar suspension and is 2 wheel drive, powered by a rear mounted Volkswagen Polo petrol engine. The radiator is mounted at the back and is assisted by two electric fans which must be needed when the radiator is covered on one side by camouflage scrim and the soldier’s kit stored on the other side.

It is hard to see the details of this off road vehicle because of the camouflage net and scrim used to disguise the outline of the Light Strike Vehicle for its reconnaissance role. As it has no armour or protection for the crew, the vehicle must remain hidden until the soldiers have gathered the information they need, or have destroyed the target using the 50 cal machine gun or Milan missile, before retreating to safety. This is where speed over rough terrain (sand) is important.

Here are some pictures of the Light Strike Vehicle fitted with the Milan Portable Anti-Tank Guided Weapon.

Here are some photographs taken a few years ago of I believe, the same Light Strike Vehicle. However this time it is not carrying any soldier’s personal kit, additional fuel or ammunition etc, and is not covered in camouflage material. This means it is easier (excusing the underexposed, low resolution photos) the army vehicle underneath.

Trying to make out the details on the old photograph, the specification of the Light Strike Vehicle according to the British Army themselves is;









Max Speed




Fuel Capacity


Information board

The Light Strike Vehicle (LSV) is a lightweight, versatile, wheeled reconnaissance vehicle designed for rough terrain. Used by elements of 24 Airmobile Brigade and certain special forces, the vehicle has a low profile and can be underslung from a helicopter or carried in a Chinook helicopter. The LSV can be fitted with a wide array of weapons including the Milan and .50 Browning machine gun.

The vehicle was being used by the Infantry Recruiting Team. For more details try the British Army web site.


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