Adrian's Tomcat 100"

Land Rover Like Body 1

I could take the Range Rover body off and replace it with a space frame (which acts as a big roll cage) and add simple panels or sheet metal to form a Landrover inspired body. Since the new body could have a wheelbase of 100 inches, the chassis does not need to be shortened, which is better for a first project. This is the principle behind a Tomcat 100".

The hybrid below is based mainly on a Range Rover (chassis engine, transmission and definitely the V8 engine), with a home made, angular body which still has hints of Landrover in its styling.

Front Front and side Rear Rear and side
Front detail Dashboard Interior Fuel tank
Side Nearly got through Too much mud Driving through more mud

According to the driver, this hybrid Landrover is built on a Range Rover chassis cut down to give an 88 inch (88") wheelbase with a total length of 100 inches (100") which is the length of the Range Rover chassis before it was cut down. It has a homemade body with a flat front and back end. It is equipped with a Rover V8 engine.

Front and side Side going down hill Front with door open Rear and side
Side Cab Pick-up bed Inside pick-up bed
Windscreen Door and sill Dashboard Sill

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