Adrian's Tomcat 100"

Shortened Land Rover Body - Range Rover Chassis

I could take the Range Rover body off and replace it with a Landrover body. This is how you build a Hybrid. However, I don’t think I have the necessary skills and experience to cut a section from the Range Rover’s chassis and weld it back together again accurately and safely.

Therefore, a better option may be to take a longer body from a long wheel base Land Rover or Defender 110 and cut a section out to make it shorter., eg. to fit the 100 inch wheelbase of the Range Rover instead of the original 109 / 110 inches. This will allow the wheel arches to line up etc.

The longer 100 inch wheelbase performs better in off road speed events, like competitive safaris. The Tomcat was originally a development of this idea.

The hybrid photographed below is a very good example of a 100 inch Landrover. It was not obvious at first that it was not a standard Land Rover, but it is slightly longer than a normal short wheel base Land Rover. It is also made up of body parts from different vehicles. Most of the body panels including the front wings and windscreen are off a Series Land Rover, whereas the front bulkhead, wheel arches (“eyebrows”) and bonnet are off a later vehicle. They mean a bigger engine and bigger tyres can be fitted. You can tell it is a cut down long wheel base Land Rover from the position of the fuel filler. The older Series doors with the sliding windows are also used. This is probably because Defender doors are very expensive, even second hand.

Front and side Side Side Rear and side
Side Front and side Front and side Front

I didn't manage to talk to the driver of the hybrid photographed below, but I guess it is a modified body off a Series Land Rover mounted on Range Rover chassis as it has a split screen and coil springs.

Front and side Front Rear and side Back of cab

I have seen (and photographed) the hybrid again, but still haven't had an opportunity to talk to the driver / owner. It looks like the chassis on this hybrid has not been cut down and the body has been constructed from various Land Rover body panels and sheet metal (including checker plate).

Front and side Front Side Rear and side
Rear Rear and side Side Front and side

This is something different. It is an old style tow truck built on a Range Rover chassis. I would love to own a recovery vehicle and this is a nice one, but it is not very practical. It also has imaculate body work which I do not have the patience to achieve.

Rear Rear and side Side Front
Fuel filler Step Blank Blank

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