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Foers Ibex

If I had a Landrover Defender (instead of my old Range Rover), but still wanted better off-road performance, or to enter winching events, I could build (or buy) a Foers Ibex. The Ibex is available as a 4x4 or 6x6 with different chassis and body combinations, including one with a 100" (250) wheelbase like my Range Rover. Like the Bower Wildcat, the Ibex has a combined chassis and spaceframe roll cage, made from welded steel which is then galvanised before the simple (bent not pressed) aluminium body panels are glued on.

Green Foers Ibex Front and side Front and side Side

The most obvious features are the short front and rear overhangs (depending on the wheelbase and body style) which give the Ibex excellent approach and departures angles. It also has a short sloping bonnet for better visibility. You may also notice that many of the parts on the Ibex look familiar as it uses the powertrain (and other bits) from the Landrover Defender. The axles are attached using long travel coil sprung suspension to give a high degree of axle articulation (and to keep the wheels on the ground).

Rear and side Rear Rear and side Side

The Ibex also has a Foers Vector winching system. This is described by Ricardo on their factsheet as, "Ibex vehicles can be constructed with an advanced centre mounted system which enables multi-directional winching from front and rear cable fairheads. In addition to simple fore/aft winching, this patented technology enables the vehicle to pull in any direction, rotated through angles of up to 180 degrees and using anchors as appropriate, to traverse dangerous slopes in 'cable car' mode by driving along its own fixed cableway. When specified by the customer, this winching facility must be built into the vehicle at the construction stage, although the winch itself may be purchased separately and fitted at a later date." What it doesn't say is that putting the winch in the middle leaves the front approach angle unaffected and keeps the heavy weight in the middle of the vehicle away from the mud and water.

Rear Cockpit Cockpit Chassis and suspension

I believe it used to be supplied by Foers Engineering (John Foers can be seen in the background of one of the photos), but the Ibex is now manufactured and distributed by Ricardo. It is available fully built or "supplied as body/chassis kits for self build applications". More details about the Ibex can be found on the official Ricardo web site ( or (

John Foers in background Foers Ibex crew cab pick up Foers Ibex double cab pick up Rear and side
Front and side Side Side Rear and side

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