Adrian's Tomcat 100"

Landrover Discovery

Standard Landrover Discovery

I could always use a Landrover Discovery as a donor vehicle. A Disco is only a Ďcheapí Range Rover based on the same mechanicals etc, but with lower trim levels. It also has a 100 inch wheelbase, the same as a Range Rover.

Lots of Landrover Discos Ends of bumper are vulnerable Lucky horse shoes Standard Landrover Discovery
Road tyres donít work in mud Hill descent under control Under bumper lights are vulnerable With replacement wheels and bull bar

Modified Landrover Discovery

A standard Landrover Discovery can perform well off road, but it can be expensive if you make a mistake and damage the bodywork etc. Some slight modifications like a steering guard and new wheels with mud or all terrain tyres can help.

Modified Landrover Discovery Modified Landrover Discovery Modified Landrover Discovery Modified Landrover Discovery
Modified Landrover Discovery Modified Landrover Discovery Modified Landrover Discovery Modified Landrover Discovery
Modified Landrover Discovery Modified Landrover Discovery Modified Landrover Discovery Modified Landrover Discovery

A Landrover Discovery van (known as a commercial) without windows at the back is rarer, but better as there are fewer windows to smash. It also means you can keep expensive recovery gear etc out of sight.

Nearly completing a hill climb Subtly different from a standard Disco Modified Landrover Discovery Commercial Stowage of recovery gear

Bobtailed Discovery

The off road performance of a Disco can be improved in the same way as with a Range Rover, by cutting off the back end, or bobtailing it, to produce a bobtailed Land Rover Discovery. This also helps to protect some of the vulnerable and expensive (steel) bodywork.

Bobtailed Discovery

Bobtail Discovery Pickup

The next step is to cut a bit more of the back end off to produce a bobtail Land Rover Discovery pickup. On this example the cab roof has been skilfully cut and welded back together as it is a more complex shape than a Land Rover roof or even a Range Rover roof.

Bobtail Discovery Demonstrating axle articulation New shortened profile Covered in mud
Tackling the mud Recovery gear in rear compartment Discovery trim retained New cut and shut roof

Take a look in the photos below at the seriously strong snorkel for wading. The cover for the storage area at the back for recovery gear is also very nice. Land Rover hinges have been used.

Heavy duty snorkel Held on with U bolts Special bracket at top Land Rover hinges for rear cover

More details and pictures of Philís modified Disco can be found at She Loves It (

Discovery Pick Up

This Land Rover Discovery has been converted into a 4 door pick up for use in winch challenge events like the Scorpion Racing Challenge Trophy.

It has a winch at the front and rear as well as stowage for things like the waffles and ground anchor. However the driver (John Fair) thought the 100 inch wheelbase as well as the standard front, and more importantly, rear overhang made this Disco too long for this winch challenge event at West Harptree.

Discovery Monster Truck

I could in effect build a small monster truck loosely based on a Landrover Discovery. The axles, suspension, wheels etc are not standard, and the body has been slightly modified.

Discovery monster truck Stream bank was easy Going across the ruts Details of pick up bed
Wide mud tyres help Discovery covered in mud Wider track than other vehicles Attracting attention

While I was watching it did not get stuck, even thought the driver was attempting the same obstacles as the other vehicles that were getting stuck. This was partly the skill of the driver, but also because it is a very capable vehicle. The wider track and the big tyres running at 7psi helped!

Somebody else having fun What next Rear suspension Other rear details

More details and pictures of Chrisís monster Disco can be found at She Loves It (

Further Reading

I donít copy other peoplesí (copyright) material, so if you would like to know more, take a look at;

Meet the Defender Eater Modified discovery, Land Rover Owner Magazine, Spring 2006 page 48


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