Adrian's Tomcat 100"

Off Road Challenge Motors

Some of the most extreme and most capable off roaders are now used in Challenges such as the Scorpion Racing Challenge. They involve getting to nearly impossible locations to punch a card attached to the vehicle usually using one or more winches to aid traction up steep hills and inclines.

As second hand Landrover Defender 90s and 110s with coil springs the same as Range Rovers (replacing the Series Land Rovers with cart / leaf springs), become cheaper it is not more common to use a Defender 90 or 110 in stead of building a hybrid (eg. putting a Land Rover or Defender body onto a Range Rover chassis) or cutting up a Range Rover. A newer Landrover Defender 90 or 110 may (may!) have less rust than an old Range Rover. However Defenders do not come as standard with a 100" wheelbase or a fibre glass body on a full roll cage.

Devon's Defender 90 TD5

Produced by Devon 4x4 Centre Ltd. The full spec sheet (as displayed in the window) is below.

  • Defender TD5 2002
  • Chipped
  • Intercooled
  • HP24 Auto Gearbox
  • OME Suspension (2" lift)
  • Mach 5 Beadlocks
  • Simex 35.11.50x15 Extreme Trekker's
  • ARB Diff Locks
  • GKN Heavy Duty Half Shafts
  • D44 Bumper
  • D44 Steering Guard
  • D44 Roll Cage
  • D44 Rear X-Member
  • Warn M8274 Winches - Front & Rear
  • Lightforce Lights
  • Bespoke Fuel System
  • Will be fitted - 2010 Colour GPS with STC60 Raymarine
  • & Much Much More...
Front Front and side Rear and side Rear

Yellow Defender 90 Extension Truck Cab


  • Full Roll Cage
  • Rear corner steps
  • Rear work lights
  • Warn 8274 front winch with plasma rope
  • Front work lights
  • Scorpion racing rock / tree sliders
  • Super winch X6 rear winch
  • Scorpion racing raised front winch bumper


  • Steering Guard
  • Dan bar
  • Chequer plate rear corner protectors
  • Diff Guards
  • Chequer plate front wing tops

Prop shafts

  • Scorpion racing extreme 30 degree yoke front prop shaft
  • Scorpion racing extreme rear prop shaft

Running gear

  • Cherry bomb
  • Tomcat Motorsport castor correction front axle
  • Tubular front turrets
  • Southdown snorkel
  • Double yellow top optimum batteries
  • Old man emu 2Ē lift kit
  • Old man emu steering damper
  • Raised breather pipes
  • Mach 5 wheels with Simex Extreme Trekker 35 x 12.50 x r15


  • 2 x Waffle boards
  • Sealed water proofed distributor
  • CB
  • High lift jack
  • Extreme Trekker Landrover logo front seats and cubby box
  • CD player

Defender 110

I could take a Landrover Defender 110, remove half the bodywork, then add a tray back and a 3.9L Rover V8 engine (from a previous vehicle), 2 winches and some other off road bits to produce a winch challenge vehicle. I could then enter events such as the Scorpion Racing Challenge as Cliff Garrod and Paul Church do in the yellow Defender 110 shown below.

Front and side Tray back Tray back Tray back
Back axle Rear recovery point Mach 5 wheel Seat belt mount
Air filter Exhaust and wheel arch mount Rear winch and hi lift jack Side protection
Vents in bonnet Engine bay Shock mount Windscreen washers

Further Reading

I donít copy other peoplesí (copyright) material, so if you would like to know more, take a look at;

  • Devon 4x4 Defender 90, Land Rover World, May 2006 page 32
  • Built to Compete Extreme Defender 90, Land Rover Owner Magazine, August 2004 page 6

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