Adrian's Tomcat 100"

Dakar Kit Car

The Dakar is a kit car based on a Range Rover as the donor vehicle. It is a specially designed fibre glass (GRP) body designed for fitting to a Range Rover chassis. It does not involve cutting the Range Rover chassis down as it uses the standard 100 inch wheelbase. It also uses the existing bulkhead, floor, interior etc. The rusty bits of the floor can be replaced when the old body is removed. I believe the roof rack on the Dakar photographed below was custom made by the Owner.

Dakar kit car Range Rover based Dakar Range Rover as donor vehicle GRP body
Glass fibre body Spare wheel mount Custom made roof rack Fuel filler cap
Range Rover Interior Front details Under front wheel arch Front axle

This is the type of vehicle used by Anneka Rice in the Challenge Anneka tv programme when her Volkswagen Beetle based beech buggy kept on breaking down. It is designed as a road going vehicle that performs better than a standard Range Rover when off-road. Turning my Range Rover into a Dakar would be a good idea except I think it looks ugly.

Front and side Side Front and side Blank

This is a Dakar body, but not a Range Rover chassis.

Dakar body Dakar body Blank Blank

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