Adrian's Tomcat 100"

Range Rover Challenge Motor

This is about the best two door modified Range Rover I have seen. It was designed and built for the Ladoga Trophy Raid in Russia, but has now been sold on. If you want to know its history and how it was built, I would recommend taking a look at the Super 8 Racing web site put together by Jez who built this bullnosed and bobtailed Range Rover (eg shortened at both ends to improve entry and departure angles).

Range Rover Challenge Motor Axle articulation Bullnosed and bobtailed Rear stowage for space wheel

The driver (and co-driver) were tackling all the most challenging terrain to test the capabilities of their new vehicle in wet, slippery mud. They also wanted to try out the ground anchor and the pair of hydraulically driven Type R (for rapid) H12 Milemarker winches. For more details see the 4x4 Winches web site.

Rear hydraulic winch Axle articulation Preparing to winch Smashed indicator already
Free again Front H12 Milemarker hydraulic winch Bow wave Ladoga Trophy Raid Range Rover

The engine bay is quite crammed with pumps and coolers surrounding the Isuzu 2.8 turbo diesel engine. The engine bay also includes a red top Optima battery (mounted on its side) held down with a tie down strap. This looks like a good idea (for my support vehicle).

Engine bay Engine bay Red top Optima battery Isuzu 2.8 turbo diesel engine
Interior including speakers Controls and switches Transmission oil cooler and fan Recovery point

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