Adrian's Tomcat 100"

Carmichael Commando

I could remove most of the Range Rover body and add a new body and all the necessary equipment to make an airfield fire engine like this Carmichael. The hard bit would be lengthening the chassis to make space for the extra pair of wheels and axle. This means I would be able to carry more. However I don't have an air field (or any planes) so I don't really need an off-road, six wheeled fire engine like a Carmichael Commando!

I think this Carmichael Commando has retired from active service as a fire engine to become a service vehicle for a toilet hire company called Midland International (Toilet) Hire ( It carries a 1000 gallons of water, spare parts and cleaning stuff. Having a Range Rover with six wheels helps in the mud at outdoor events and festivals in the UK.

Front and side Front and side Side Side
Rear Rear and side Side Interior

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