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Camel Trophy Landrovers

For many years Landrover ran a series of adventures called the Camel Trophy. Landrover used specially designed and built Land Rovers, Range Rovers, Discoveries and more recently, Freelanders incorporating years of experience. So I think I will see what I can copy from these famous expedition vehicles for my support vehicle. However Landrover also built special support vehicles (Land Rover 109s and Defender 110s or 127s) that also took part, sometimes for more than one year.

However I am not an expert on the Camel Trophy. I should have stopped to talk to the owners of these vehicles, or at least made some notes, but I didn't. If however you have more information on any of these Landrovers (or you actually own one of them, except Tim), please .

Support Unit

I know this is a Support Unit because it has a sticker on the door saying "Support Unit"! A G registered vehicle in the UK means it was 1989, The Amazon or 1990, Siberia USSR.

Camel Trophy Landrover Support Unit Rear and side Rear Side

Film Unit

I take my camera everywhere. Whereas I have a large and heavy camera bag, the Camel Trophy have had a whole Landrover Defender 110 for their Film Unit. Since it is called "Film Unit 3", I suspect they may have had at least 3 Film Units! After a theft in the middle of the jungle, the Landrover had window grills added to every window for the following year.

Camel Trophy Landrover Film Unit Side Rear and side Window with grill

Work Shop Unit

Again, I know this is a Work Shop Unit because of the sticker! You can also tell because of the large hatch on one side.

Camel Trophy Landrover Work Shop Unit Rear and side Hinge Locker

This Camel Trophy 200 tdi Defender 110 does not say Work Shop Unit on the side, but I think it is because it is a hard top with only 3 doors. It does however have a roll up hatch on the side. It was a support vehicle for the 1994 Camel Trophy adventure in Argentina, Paraguay and Chile.

Camel Trophy Landrover 200 tdi Defender 110 Rear


The Landrover Discovery was used in the Camel Trophy from 1990 onwards where they used 3 dr 200 tdi Discoveries. From 1991 onwards they used 5 door Discoverys. Trevor Smith and Karen McDonald crewed the 300tdi 5dr Discovery in Mongolia in 1997.

Camel Trophy Landrover Discovery Rear and side Rear Sand ladder
Front and side Rear and side Front and side Rear and side

Defender 110 Hi-Cap Pick-Ups

I don't know anything about these Landrover Defender 110 Hi-Cap pick-ups except one of them is owned by Tim. I should ask him about its history.

Camel Trophy Landrover Defender 110 Hi-Cap pick up Rear Guards did not work Front and side

Defender 110

The Landrover Defender 110 Camel Trophy vehicles shown below are the most similar to my support vehicle. Remember, One Life, Live It!

Landrover Defender 110 Camel Trophy vehicle Front Front and side Rear
Front and side Front and side Rear and side Rear and side

I have also got some photographs of some Camel Trophy Land Rovers in Action.


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