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Bobtail Range Rover Pickup 2


A lot of work has gone into building this bobtail Range Rover pick up called Stormer as not only has the chassis and body been cut, but a lot of other modifications have been made to make this vehicle into a capable off roader. It is not however road legal and arrived on a trailer.

Entering the mud hole Being towed out of the mud hole Side Hill descent under control
Front headlights removed Gentle drive in the country Axle articulation Stormer bobtail Range Rover pickup

Note how air is drawn into the engine bay using fans through vents cut into the bonnet. The radiator is mounted longitudinally in the back with twin electric fans.

Bonnet vents V8 engine and fans Coolant pipes to radiator Rear mounted radiator

The original Range Rover dials have been used in this bobtail Range Rover pick up and any new electrics are in waterproof enclosures with the battery mounted in the rear corner.

Range Rover dials and controls Interior Electrics in waterproof boxes Rear mounted battery

The door trim has been replaced with sheet metal. Stormer is equipped with rocker sliders to protect the sides. The twin exhausts have been rerouted for protection. Recovery eyes have been fitted front and rear.

Sheet metal trim End of rock slider Rear axle and exhaust pipes Front recovery point

Longranger 4x4 is the name of the company who converted this Range Rover. The company is named after an extra long Range Rover pick up conversion, one of which is used to tow Stormerís trailer. For more details of the Longranger Range Rover pickup and the company that built it, try the Longranger web site.

Instead of making use of the original tailgate, a flat sheet of metal can be used to fabricate the new rear end. It may be much easier to make, but it does not look as nice. It may however be necessary if the rear lower tailgate has rotted / rusted through (as it usually does in the same way as the upper tail gate). With the bobtail pickup below, the only rear overhang sticking out further than the rear wheels, is the substantial rear cross member. It also looks like the wheel arches have been cut out for a bit more clearance.

Cut out wheel arches Flat rear end Substantial rear crossmember Range Rover Bobtail Pickup

This Range Rover bobtail pickup has been raised with 2 inch spacers on the body mounts and bigger than standard coil springs.

Bobtail Range Rover pickup Front and side Side Side
Rear Pickup bed Back of cab Body raiser
Side Front and side Front and side Rear

This bobtail Range Rover pick up was not actually built by its current owner. However he does make good use of it including green laning (in Wales). Not the strong front and rear bumpers and comprehensive external roll cage. It also has very strong sills made from square section steel in addition to the scaffolding pole side steps.

Bobtail Range Rover pick up Front Side Side
Into wash out Rear and side going down Fuel tank Massive sills and rock sliders
Rear and side from above Rear Tailgate down Rear bumper

Stumpy (the nearly obligatory name for a bobtail) pictured below is a 3.5 V8. It was recently stripped and welded as the sills didn't exist. Actually nor did big bits of floor and the inner wings were almost completely missing too. There was actually nothing holding the wings on apart from three bolts that go to the bulkhead. All this repair work required a full 8' x 6' sheet of steel, a whole 5kg roll of wire and 5 days of working 9 am to 8 pm.

The next plan is a 2" lift, followed by a 5.7 Chevy conversion when a reasonable engine can be found as Steve currently has a bigger engine in his Ford Capri than his bobtail, which he says "is not good". Thank you Steve for the photos and information.

Stumpy the Bobtail Range Rover pick up Front Rear Interior

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