Adrian's Tomcat 100"

Jankel Al-Thalab Long Range Patrol Vehicle

Jankel Armouring Ltd took a Toyota 79 chassis (a.k.a. a Toyota LandCruiser pickup) and added a “robust tubular space-frame mounted to the chassis with flexible mounting points” and some other stuff (see the photos) to produce an Al-Thalab (Fox) Lang Range Patrol Vehicle for Jordon.

Jankel Al-Thalab Long Range Patrol Vehicle Big sand ladder Another bridging ladder

Like an older Land Rover (pre Td5), the Toyota Land Cruiser ‘donor vehicle’ has “very basic and rugged mechanical and electrical systems for ease of support”. However, I don’t really need “a cost effective patrol vehicle for internal security, reconnaissance and border patrol forces” (so the Jankel Al-Thalab Long Range Patrol Vehicle should really be on the Military Buggy page).

Rear platform Sealed cupboards Bucket seats for 2 crew Even more stowage

The Al-Thalab could make a good support vehicle as it is designed to carry supplies for the 4 crew for 10 days. It also rains in Britain more than Jordan so I need a vehicle with better weather protection. It is also powered by a diesel engine so completely unsuitable for my mission!

Lots of ammunition Even more ammo Swing away spare wheel holder Another spare wheel holder
Jerry can for water Jerry cans for diesel fuel Yet more ammunition Map pocket

More details of the Jankel Al-Thalab Long Range Patrol Vehicle can be found at the Jankel web site (


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