Adrian's Tomcat 100"

ABS Freestyle Kit Car

These are ABS Freestyle kit cars which are now made by It is a kitcar that can be made SVA compliant ("road legal") to pass the S.V.A. test.

ABS Freestyle

It basically uses the front end of two Minis bolted onto a steel chassis with an integral roll cage. The engine and gearbox from one of the Minis is attached to the back making it rear wheel drive and only 2 wheel drive. Obviously the Range Rover is 4 wheel drive with the engine at the front.

The photographs were taken at Bristol Miniday. The Bristol Miniday, which is now actually held at Wraxall, is a good event to find out about, see and even photograph many minis. To find out the date and venue of this years mini show (which I would recommend), take a look at the Bristol Miniday web site.

ABS Freestyle Mini based kit car Dashboard Windscreen support
Front and side Front Creating interest Cover for rear end
Winch Winch Cockpit Choke
Cockpit Bare frame Ammunition box Choke cable
Mini engine Cockpit Front Front and side
Rear and side Spare wheel Rear and side Exhaust silencer

Here are some older (and smaller) photos of some of the same ABS Freestyles as well as another different one. All the ABS Freestyles below have a donor mini (the main one) that is the same age as my Range Rover. Maybe during this year British Leyland were using particularly poor quality steel! The photographs were taken at a previous Bristol Miniday.

ABS Freestyle kit car
ABS Freestyle off road buggy
SVA compliant
Mini kit car
Road legal buggy
Mini based off roader
Off road buggy
Fun Buggy
ABS Freestyle off road buggy

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